We are a company with a production capacity of 200 million meters per annum and an annual turnover of over 30 million USD. We are equipped with all types of different printing options like flat bed screen printing, rotary printing, digital printing, hand (spray) printing as well as yarn dyeing facility. Our product line is in accordance with the well-defined quality standards of the industry that signify the high-standard and is suitable to the divergent demands of our domestic as well overseas clients. For over 4 decades we have been catering to the pan-India market as well various other countries such as USA, UK, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Brazil, Ghana, Ukraine, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on. 

With an extensive experience of nearly four decades in the textile industry, Rachna stepped into garments in 2017 with a vision of standing out from the run-of-the-mill styles and to provide a complete range of women’s wear garments. Our garment division is equipped with the latest technology. Product development & Designing, production, Fabric Cutting, sewing, finishing, packing & dispatch are handled by our in-house established team of professional designers, trained pattern technicians, and skilled labor force.