Our People

We truly care not only about what we produce but also how we produce them. Our manufacturing facilities in Surat are equipped with modern machinery and we work with an ethical supply chain of vendors from various states in India to ensure manufacturing and production at a community level while serving the needs of our customers.

Ethical Manufacturing is given topmost priority through the entire process. Our dedicated team of technical production executives ensures production manufacturing is done to meet the quality and safety standards expected by our customers. To ensure a better community at large our company goes through a periodic renewal of various certification processes.

Team selection and hiring is an important part and each candidate is critically hand-picked from the best. Currently, our team consists of over 300 A Star team members from all over Incredible India! We believe in servicing our customers with the best of the designers from most reputed Design Schools in India is our foremost job.

The various processing, manufacturing, technical, production, supervising, and various other department are taken care of by the most trusted and skilled personnel in the textile business. THE RACHNA GROUP OF COMPANIES works diligently in accordance with the ‘INVERTED PYRAMID’ concept, where we put our customers on top, followed by the staff, then the management team, and last but not the least the leadership team.

Our team of dedicated professionals is spread all across the globe. We mainly deploy them to our various centers across India, Ghana, Dubai, Ukraine and so on.