Group at a Glance

With a legacy spanning over 40 decades, Rachna Group of Companies  continues to be a pioneer in the field of textile manufacturing and processing, with a production capacity of 200 million meters per annum and generating an annual turnover of over 30 million USD. It is based in the very own ‘Silk City’ of India, Surat, Gujarat. Over the period of time we have diversified into various industry verticals such as construction, entertainment, healthcare, education and paper.

Founded by Mr. J.P. Agarwal back in 1978, from a mere 500 sq. feet of rented premises and a team of 3 people, who created, manufactured, and marketed textiles products locally, the company grew into one of the best that took its products from India to the world. Their export journey began from the textile city of Surat, Gujarat – still a leading hub for science, education, innovation, and business connected to textile and fashion. From a small showroom in Surat, the company gradually expanded into textile processing and manufacturing and reached to out customers across India and the world with their state of the art manufacturing set up and top of the line product offering. 

Here at Rachna, we believe in the amalgamation of Culture with Modernity. Without compromising on the pace of technology and current vogue, the essence of ‘Indian Culture’ can be felt all across our fabrics and designs. Our forte is our very own “Indian traditional sense of styling”. Sticking to the ‘oriental ethnicity’, valuing craftsmanship, ethical manufacturing, sustainability, and manufacturing fabrics that redefine global fashion are some of the principles we swear by.

The fashion intelligence at Rachna is all about its fabrics, prints, designs, and colors. The most important role here is played by our craftsman. A tribe of designers is working towards reviving, creating, manufacturing, and marketing these handicrafts and designs. We at Rachna encourage at going the extra mile to create offerings that not only celebrate crafts but are also commercially viable. Our wholesome grass-root approach towards designing engages with local communities for some inspiration, as well as create concepts using age-old knowledge and modern art and style.

Our pre-production involves designing and sourcing which begins with visualizing a concept, to sketching and moving an idea into a beautiful and classy fashion product. Then we begin with designing a whole collection around it. Designs and products are exclusively customised as per the needs of the customer to perfectly suit the specific market they cater to.