Environmental Policies

Our Environmental Policies are largely based on the idea of ‘Sustainable Fashion.’ We as an ECO-FRIENDLY organization aim to continuously improve our environmental policies. Some of the steps taken by our organization towards sustainability and in accordance with the environmental policies of the Government include:

  • 70% of the wastewater is treated in our own ETPs and balance is sent to CETP.
  • We have a wastewater recycling plant. Recycled water is used for production purposes.
  • We harvest rainwater.
  • We have 4 windmills each of 3.2 MW to harness green power.
  • We have TEMA, water scrubber, ESP installed to control air pollution.
  • We vehemently stick to the guidelines of the Emission Trading scheme

CSR Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility is a continuously evolving process and idea. We pledge to contribute at every possible step in building a nation with integrity, thoughtfulness, and progressive outlook. The Rachna Group transcends the traditional barriers of finance and business and reaches out for holistic community growth and makes way for inclusive development. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policies focus on Health care, Education, Low-cost fooding for laborers, Low-cost housing projects, and various other social reforms deeply rooted to the community level.

Our Chairman, Mr J. P. Agarwal has been actively involved and supporting the following trusts and social initiatives in various capacities:

  1. Shree Mahavir Health and Medical Relief Society, Surat – Vice Chairman
  2. Traffic Education Trust, Surat – Founder ex-Chairman
  3. Tapti Valley International School, Surat – Trustee
  4. Agarwal Vidya Vihar, Surat – Trustee
  5. Maharaj Agrasen International School, Surat – Trustee
  6. Muk-Badhir Vikas Trust, Surat – Trustee
  7. Institute of Technology & Management, Gorakhpur – Vice Chairman
  8. Rama Educational Trust (Dental College), Gorakhpur – Trustee
  9. Vikas Bharti School, Gorakhpur – Trustee