About Us

Rachna Group, a textile giant with 44 years of history, leads with innovation and quality. Founded in 1977 in Surat, India, by Mr. Jaiprakash Agarwal, it offers in-house processing, printing, and garment production. Prioritizing customer satisfaction through its unique approach, Rachna serves global clients with a production capacity of 6,00,000 meters/day and an annual turnover exceeding 30 million USD. Upholding Indian values while meeting global standards, Rachna continues to excel in the textile industry through innovation and quality commitment.

foundational values


Ensuring utmost customer satisfaction through timely deliveries and elevated product quality and value.


To craft top-tier products, empowering customers with a competitive edge. Embracing teamwork, we adhere to global standards.


Commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, environmental care, and teamwork.

Our Leaders

Our Story in Fabric Manufacturing: From Tradition to Innovation,
Weaving a Tapestry of Excellence.

J. P. Agarwal

After obtaining his Law degree, he ventured into Surat's textile industry with a bold vision. Through strategic expansion, he diversified into construction, entertainment, and paper sectors. Renowned for his philanthropy, he actively supports healthcare and education causes at both regional and national levels.

Sanjay Agarwal

With a vision for international expansion since 1996, he led Rachna Group into embroidery in 2004 and weaving in 2015. His strategic reintroduction of textile trading in 2013 transformed the company into a fully integrated entity, while his keen interest in information technology drives ongoing innovation pursuits.​

Kanishk Agarwal

Key in innovating retail concepts and digital ventures, he guides corporate strategy with a Master's from Monash University. Formerly at Google India, he spearheaded the garmenting division's inception and drove the group's paper industry diversification.

Anil Agarwal

Key person in managing operations at Shreeji Prints Pvt. Ltd.

Naveen Agarwal

B. Com, CA Key Person in managing Kanishk Prints Pvt. ltd. Under his leadership, we introduced Yarn Dyeing, Lycra Dyeing and Printing.

Apoorva Agarwal

B. Com Honors, MBA (Finance and Entrepreneurship), CFA Coming with a prior experience of Investment Banking, Apoorva leads the e-commerce activities at Rachna Group. She is a key person managing the family office of Rachna.

Milestone Moments

Dive into our history and experience a captivating journey through
time as you explore the pivotal milestone moments
intricately woven.

Our clients

We collaborate with various industries to optimize their fabric processing
workflows, ensuring efficiency at every step.

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Our CSR Initiatives

Rachna Group prioritizes employee well-being through various CSR initiatives. We ensure a safe, inclusive work environment, provide ongoing training for professional development, and offer comprehensive healthcare benefits. Our goal is to foster a culture where every employee feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

Global Reach

Our Story in Fabric Manufacturing: From Tradition to
Innovation, Weaving a Tapestry of Excellence.