More than 35 years ago Mr. J. P. Agarwal, Rachna Group’s founder, phrased the working principles of the company. The  principles were reliable guidelines back then, and today they still express the essence of the Rachna Group’s spirit.


• We are honest                              
• We are hard-working                            
• We are loyal
• We are co-operative
• We are business minded
• We want to see results
• We want simple solutions
• We take nothing for granted
• We always keep our promises
• We want to be the best




Our People, Our Strength is the symbol of One Family which is the company culture in Rachna Group of Companies.


One World 


Our world is built on fairness and opportunities. Cultural differences are an advantage, which will promote quality, extraordinary results and good values. Always trying to give more than we promise we try to meet remoteness with closeness.


One Philosophy 


We make Rachna Group’s  Working Principles come alive. We are humble and together we work hard. We base our co-operation on trust, partnership and honesty. We treat all people as individuals but we think and act as a team. Therefore we succeed.


One Family 


The backbone of Rachna Group is our family feeling. We help each other and have unlimited faith in our relatives. We show our identity in the good examples we set for one another. We are proud of our family. It is both our link to the past and the foundation of our future.